tirsdag 2. august 2011

Jarle Bernhoft - So Many Faces

The atrocities in Norway is still weighing heavily on the whole nation and it hurts every day to think about all the dead. But among the things able to comfort us is music, and former Span singer Jarle Bernhoft's brilliant "So Many Faces" from his first solo record Ceramik City Chronicles (2008) is a prime example of a song to put you in a good mood. And if the song in itself is not able to do the trick, it's impossible not to smile when you see the accompanying music video. Although the song is about the closeness of small towns, a bigger city like Oslo appears to be changing in positive ways right now, bringing us closer together than we were before the killings. The song can be seen as being about humanity, and the uniqueness in all and every one of us. In light of this, I think it's a brilliantly comforting song right now. I hope you like it too.

Watch and listen

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