onsdag 15. januar 2014

Wild Beasts - Wanderlust

Wild Beasts are racking up album number four, Present Tense, at the end of February, and if first single "Wanderlust" is anything to judge by we're in for a real treat. 2011's album Smother was great, an atmospheric collection of pop songs that was even likened to classic Talk Talk by some critics. "Wanderlust" seems to take things a bit further, with its pulsating beat and very cool synth-bass pushing the song forward, and Hayden Thorpe's soothing voice on top of it all. Still, the instrumental textures are what really defines the song, and the voiceless bridge that starts at about 2:20 is exquisitely beautiful. When Thorpe then starts singing again it lifts the song another few notches. This is genius dream-pop, perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of Arcade Fire, Midlake, Washed Out or John Grant.

Watch and listen


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