søndag 12. januar 2014

Introducing... Shy For Shore

The Norwegian radio broadcaster NRK P3 each year have their Urørt competition where unsigned acts get to showcase themselves on a website, and a winner is announced in a finals heat each winter. This year's finals are approaching, and among the five candidates I have a special fondness for the pop duo Shy For Shore.

Oz Page and Mari Nordén are evidently in love with 80's synth-pop but their music, although drenched in that particular time, still sounds current. They are nominated for the Urørt award with the incredibly catchy "Then The Heartbreak", a pulsating song that steadily builds in intensity - a lovely melancholic pop dance-pop track.

Check out their Urørt page where you can listen to "Then The Heartbreak" and a few others songs. You can download all the songs here for free, and there is also a link to the page where you cast your vote, either for Shy For Shore or any of the other four finalists.


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