mandag 6. januar 2014

Neonato - Clouds Seen From Above

In November Norwegian instrumental band Neonato put up their first song/video on YouTube, simply titled "Neonato". The idea is to publish each song from the upcoming debut album along with an accompanying short film. "Clouds From Above" was directed Svein Kvamme, seemingly inspired by Godfrey Reggio's famous Qatsi trilogy where Philip Glass did the music. This is cinematic music, and the moving pictures perfectly complement the music. Having said that, the music also stands firmly on its own feet, and it should be no problem at all to conjure your own images from it.

I strongly suggest that you listen to the song and look at the film by following the link below, and if you didn't hear/see "Neonato", you can check it out here. Also, you can read more about the band.

Watch and listen


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