mandag 10. september 2012

Deacon Blue - Dignity

I had almost forgotten how good this song is. "Dignity" was the Scottish pop band Deacon Blue's debut single, released 25 and a half years ago now, in March 1987. To be honest, I don't think they ever recorded such a great song again, although hits like "Real Gone Kid", "Fergus Sings The Blues" and "Chocolate Girl" are pretty good as well. Still, one song often has to be a cut above the rest, and "Dignity" is it, a lovely, lovely pop song that sounds like a cross between Steely Dan (from which they took their name), The Waterboys, Lloyd Cole And The Commotions and Aztec Camera. The band is about to release their first new album in eleven years towards the end of the month, and their old albums are being released as deluxe sets in October. Something to look forward to.

Watch and listen

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