onsdag 26. september 2012

Lana Del Rey expands recent album - here's new single "Ride"

Lana Del Rey released her second album Born To Die in January to general acclaim. But now it seems the album's 12 songs (15 on the "deluxe" edition) weren't enough. The American singer/songwriter will re-release the album as Born To Die - The Paradise Edition in mid-November, having expanded it with eight new tracks, a move similar to that of Lady Gaga when she coupled her debut album The Fame with the eight track EP The Fame Monster. Below you'll find new single "Ride" as well as excerpts from the rest of the new songs, and some additional info and the full track list. The Bobby Vinton classic "Blue Velvet" is among the new songs, and judging from the few seconds we get to hear, it suits Del Rey very good.


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