tirsdag 25. september 2012

Stephen Ackles - Satan & Love Is Cruel

Norwegian singer Stephen Ackles is putting the final touches on his new album to be released in the new year and has just released its first single called "Love Is Cruel". When guesting on the TV show Trygdekontoret some days ago, he performed a song called "Satan" that stems from a 1969 biker film called Satan's Sadists. Ackles' version is dark, naked and haunting, and his incredible voice reaches deep. It's a moving song about the protagonist who finds himself mean and lost, a killer without hope of redemption or salvation. Lyrically it differs quite a bit from Ackles' other work, but the song is perfect for his voice, and after the reconition the performance gained, it has been decided that "Satan" will be included on his upcoming album.


"Love Is Cruel".

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