fredag 21. mars 2014

Gorgon City feat. Yasmin - Real

In the wake of British electronica duo Disclosure's massive success, space has opened up for loads and loads of musically related acts. Many of these are interrelated as well, with everyone helping each other out, and you can safely call it a movement of sorts. A few days ago I wrote about the current Gorgon City hit "Ready For Your Love" which is fantastic, but upon discovering that one I looked back and found another Gorgon City single that is equally good, last year's "Real" featuring a singer who just goes by the name Yasmin and has a wonderful voice. This song is just as good as "Ready..." , another crossover hit that combines deep house with irresistable pop hooks and comes out on top. I'm looking forward to an album with these guys, that's for sure.

Watch and listen


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