fredag 21. mars 2014

Ben Watt - Nathaniel

Yet another track from Hendra, Ben Watt's first solo album in 31 years. This one's called "Nathaniel" and is where Watt and his new musical partner Bernard Butler (ex-Suede) speed things up. Quite a bit too. "Nathaniel" is wildly different from both his former solo work and his doings as one half of Everything But The Girl, a rock song really, inspired by a road sign that Watt saw in Oregon. But if there is one thing you can safely say about Ben Watt it's that he has constantly throughout his career changed gears and musical directions. The really great news though is that this is another fabulous track from an album that I just get more and more excited about. The release date is still April 14, and that's just a few short weeks away.



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