torsdag 3. januar 2013

Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow

My favourite album of 2011 was Kate Bush' second album of that year, the wondrously titled 50 Words For Snow. According to popular legend the Eskimoes have lots of words for snow, while in fact the Eskimo-Aleut languages have no more words for snow than, say, English. Kate Bush made up 50 beautiful words for the title track to this album, and had actor Stephen Fry recite them as she counts from 1 to 50, with the odd chorus thrown in for emphasis: "Come on man, you've got 44 to go", and Fry continues: "Swans-a-melting", Deamondi-pavlova", "Eiderfalls" and so forth. A character calling himself "banberry2112" has made special snowglobe-themed videos to each of the album's seven tracks, interspersed with images of Kate Bush and others fitting the songs. It's very well executed, and for "50 Words For Snow" banberry2112 has of course put in Stephen Fry as well.

Watch and listen

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