fredag 9. november 2012

The Colors Turned Red - Can't Get Over

Ah, the memories! The Colors Turned Red was a band from the Norwegian coastal city Haugesund, founded on the ashes of underground band Im Nebel that released two cassettes in the early/mid-80's. The Colors Turned Red released their self-titled debut album in April 1988, that included a batch of brilliant pop songs. The influences were many, but the common denominator was always pop music in the most classic sense. These guys were not fooling around, they knew the game. Success eluded them however and they disbanded soon after their debut. They reformed some years ago and released their second album All The Way Up in 2006. "Can't Get Over" is from their debut and a fantastic song. The album will actually be re-released in remastered form in April 2013, 25 years after its original release.


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