tirsdag 29. mars 2011

The Adult Net - Waking Up In The Sun

This slice of perfect summer pop was originally released in 1986, the fourth in a series of singles and the first to barely reach a chart position in the UK, at number 95. The Adult Net were signed to indie label Rough Trade where they also recorded a still unreleased album, but was picked up by Fontana a few years later, and recorded a new one, The Honey Tangle. Among the tracks was a re-recorded version of "Waking Up In The Sun", still wonderful, but it charted even lower, at number 99, and the album also flopped. Singer and main songwriter Brix Smith was married to The Fall's Mark E. Smith and was also a member of that band. Today she goes by the name of Brix Smith-Start and runs Start - a chain of four clothing stores - with her second husband, Philip Start. The American born Smith-Start has also become a well-known TV personality in the UK.


Brix with The Fall in 1984

Brix today

Original Rough Trade single (1986)

Fontana single (1989)

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