søndag 27. mars 2011

20 Joy Division/New Order favorites

Tonight I'll be seeing Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook with band perform the classic Unknown Pleasures (1979) album. I'm a bit skeptical, but we'll see. It might be good. Anyway, here are 20 Joy Division/New order favorites. There is one cover (Iron & Wine's wonderful take on "Love Vigilantes") and two Electronic tracks (the group NO lead singer Bernard Sumner had with former The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr in the 90's). I wasn't able to link the list to my WiMP account, but if you subscribe to a good streaming service, you'll be able to put it together. It will sound excellent!

1. Joy Division - "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
2. New Order - "True Faith"
3. Joy Division - "She's Lost Control"
4. New Order - "Blue Monday"
5. New Order - "Elegia"
6. Joy Division - "Atrocity Exhibition"
7. Iron & Wine - "Love Vigilantes"
8. New Order - "The Perfect Kiss"
9. New Order - "Bizarre Love Triangle"
10. Joy Division - "New Dawn Fades"
11. Electronic - "Forbidden City"
12. New Order - "60 Miles An Hour"
13. New Order - "Temptation"
14. Joy Division - "Isolation"
15. Electronic - "For You"
16. Joy Division - "Atmosphere"
17. New Order - "Confusion"
18. Joy Division - "Heart And Soul"
19. New Order - "Thieves Like Us"
20. New Order - "Sub-Culture"

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