onsdag 11. mars 2015

Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody's Hero

Today is a very, very sad day. One of the best independent book shops in the world, or possibly the best, Tronsmo in little, insignificant Oslo, has lost the lease for their premises and must move and most likely close and quit what they have spent more than 40 years establishing. This is a book shop frequented by people like Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Allen Ginsberg and many other "alternative" voices, and this all makes me want to play some loud, angry old school punk. A song I really love is Belfast band Stiff Little Fingers' 1980 single "Nobody's Hero", released around the time that I discovered Tronsmo, which has been some sort of second home for me, and a better place for education than any school ever were. All hope is not lost, but it does not look good. Anyway, here's Stiff Little Fingers. Play it loud!

Watch and listen

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