tirsdag 17. mars 2015

St. Patrick's Day special playlist

"Oh Katherine, take my hand, I've got three pounds and change, and I'll sing you songs of love again, and when I get too drunk to sing, we'll walk in the Irish rain."
Well, it's Saint Patrick's Day again and so we celebrate with this fabulous playlist featuring a whopping 75 songs that are Irish or very closely related to Ireland. The above lyric is an excerpt from the American bluegrass band California and their jubilant tribute to the green island of Eire. It sounds at least as Irish as more well-known songs present on the list, such as "Whiskey In The Jar", "Seven Drunken Nights" or "Carrickfergus", so it'll do nicely. It perfectly describes the true Irish staples love, lack of money, song, drunkenness and bad weather in a few lines.
You will find a lot of proper Irish classics though, old and new, and a few more recorded by foreigners such as Bruce Springsteen and Norwegian sibling duo Eriksen. They nail traditional Irish songs "Mrs. McGrath" and "The Water Is Wide" as if these songs were part of their DNA. Happy St. Patrick's Day and, as they say, Sláinte!

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