fredag 27. mars 2015

Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69

Last Friday was indeed a Fabulous Friday for me as I saw Bryan Adams live on his current Reckless tour, in which he's celebrating his landmark album of 1984. You can read my impressions from the show here. One of the key tracks from Reckless and indeed my all time favourite Bryan Adams song is "Summer Of '69", a hit single that I've always loved as opposed to quite a few other songs of his - read my review for the explanation as to why I didn't care for so many of the others. Well, "Summer Of '69" was and is and always will be a fantastic song, and if you're curious about its theme I can tell you that, no, it's not about the summer of the year 1969. So, here's my pick for this week's Fabulous Friday track to celebrate the onslaught of another weekend. Be sure to check out the previous picks here.

Watch and listen

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