søndag 1. mars 2015

Kaleo - All The Pretty Girls

This week my wife visited her Icelandic family and came home yesterday with some new names for me to check out. The best of the bunch were Kaleo, a young band that's supposedly really popular in Iceland. Their eponymous debut album from 2013 reached the number one spot at home, and now they are heading out, playing on SXSW in Austin later this month. They should have everything going for them there, as their music is wonderful folk-pop, slightly reminscent of bands like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. Their latest single "All The Pretty Girls" is simply amazing. Unfortunately that's the only song to be found in Spotify and WiMP, but check out some other videos on YouTube if you're interested. Anyway, start with "All The Pretty Girls" by following the link below. Great video too!

Watch and listen

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