tirsdag 10. mars 2015

Ane Brun - Directions

Today Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun has released her brand new single "Directions", a hypnotic, mesmerizing song written, not on piano or guitar as she usually does, but on a mobile app. According to Norwegian radio channel NRK P3 she sketched the song to the rhythm samples in the app, then added the bassline and voice. The result is absolutely brilliant, and this is where I'd like to add for the benefit of all those that suggest that the human aspect is lacking from today's music with all the available technology that supposedly makes it "cold", that "Directions" is in every way organic-sounding and utterly beautiful. The humanity and warmth is here in spades, and the song marks a brand new direction for Brun. She has also directed her own video to go with the song, in which she's dancing throughout the three minutes it lasts. A perfect fit for a deeply fascinating song. "Directions" is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Watch and listen

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