mandag 25. august 2014

Happy birthday, Elvis Costello - 60 years old, 60 great songs!

The inimitable Elvis Costello turns 60 today, and to mark the occasion I have compiled a playlist for Norwegian streaming service WiMP, celebrating this great singer/songwriter, composer and musician. Due to the sad fact that not all of his albums are available for streaming there are a few obvious omissions from my list, but by adding cover versions from and collaborations with other acts, I think the list may be even better than if it only featured Costello's own recordings. The additions of these tracks makes it's even easier to see his versatility for what it is.

Below is the link to the list, including a short essay I've written, in Norwegian (Hello, Google Translate!), featuring 60 astounding recordings by the great man himself as well as Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Ute Lemper, Sondre Lerche, Jenny Lewis, Paul McCartney, Robert Wyatt and more.

Read and listen


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