fredag 22. august 2014

Don Williams feat. Alison Krauss - I Just Come Here For The Music

I love a good lonely hearts ballad, and country music icon Don Williams knows how to do them. "I Just Come Here For The Music" was released as a single from his 2012 album And So It Goes, not written by Williams himself but songwriters Doug Gill, John Ramey and Bobby Taylor. Kudos to them, and the additional thrill of this recording is of course the presence of Alison Krauss' angelic voice. This could very well be a grateful nod from Williams in recognition of her wonderful version of his classic hit "I'm Just A Country Boy" some years earlier. Whatever the reason, their voices perfectly give voice to the two protagonists of the song, guiding us into their sad and lonesome lives. A beautiful country song if ever I have heard one.


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