fredag 1. august 2014

Elvira Nikolaisen & Mathias Eick - You Can Have Him

One of my favourite albums of 2013 was Norwegian singer/songwriter Elvira Nikolaisen and trumpeter Mathias Eick's cover record of jazz standards called I Concentrate On You, named after the Cole Porter song. The highlight is their take on Irving Berlin's "You Can Have Him", popularized by Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and others. Funny though, how Elvira sings it like she owns it, and actually eclipses every other version I have heard. Respect! The clip below is of dubious quality, recorded on a cell phone probably in the record shop Big Dipper in Oslo, but you get the idea of how good it is and you'll see the ease in which Nikolaisen sings the song. For good measure you'll find links to the recorded version in Spotify and WiMP too. Please enjoy!

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