tirsdag 24. juni 2014

Restore To Past - Desert Drive

I dare say it's possible to call Restore To Past a Norwegian super group, as its members are known from acts like Euroboys, Paperboys, Gluecifer, Jim Stärk, Beezewax, Ulver, King Midas and Cato Salsa Experience. And more besides. All in all these bands represent a solid chunk of Oslo's musical scene the last 10-15 years, and it has taken ten of these years to actually record the eponymous eight track debut album. It has become a wonderful album, for now unfortunately only available digitally, but hopefully to be released in physical formats at some point. The first single is "Desert Drive", a head-on Tom Petty-inspired guitar-driven pop song, with some fabulous hooks and a great melody. The album as a whole has that very good west coast vibe, with elements from bands like Fleetwood Mac, America and their like, and the band also emulate these older acts in the same fashion as retro guru Jonathan Wilson does, kind of recreating the past for a new day and age. A great album that deserves international recognition, as it's got some really good songs and is beautifully played and produced.

"Desert Drive" (and more) on Soundcloud

Album in Spotify

Album in WiMP

Drummer Anders Møller

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