fredag 27. juni 2014

Deafheaven - Sunbather (full album)

American black metal/shoegazing band Deafheaven make some of the most intense music I've ever heard. I haven't played their second album, last year's astonishing Sunbather in a while, so when I heard it again yesterday I was really happy to do so. At first listen the band's music sounds like pure and utter noise, but dig a little deeper and you'll reap great rewards. There is method to Deafheaven's madness, there is melody within the noise, there is surprising beauty. Good luck in distinguishing the lyrics of singer/screamer George Clarke though. That is impossible. It's the energy that's the catch here, not the words. This summer I'll see Deafheaven live at Oslo's Øya Festival, and I'm SO looking forward to it! Meanwhile, here's the full album.



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