onsdag 14. august 2013

Bruce Springsteen - Streets Of Philadelphia

How many times have Bruce Springsteen been commisioned to write a song? None that I know of except for "Streets Of Philadelphia". While director Jonathan Demme started work on his 1994 film Philadelphia, the first major motion picture about HIV, he asked Springsteen if he would like to write a song, and so he did. The film and the song went on to become huge successes, and both Tom Hanks, who played the lead role, and Springsteen, received Academy Awards for their work. "Streets Of Philadelphia" is a quiet, synth-based ballad and in no way a typical Springsteen song - whatever that is - but it's not about "cars and girls", to put it that way. The video shows Springsteen walking the city's desolate streets, and on his way passing Hanks' character from the movie. The video is of course directed by Jonathan Demme himself along with his nephew Ted Demme. A beautiful, timeless song.

Watch and listen


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