fredag 23. august 2013

Playlist - The Kids Are Alright

We were all young once. Upon seeing a bunch of 15-17 year olds play blistering rhythm'n'blues like The Strypes do, it's easy to think backwards to a young Beatles, a young Stones or a young Elvis. For instance. I've compiled a list of 50 songs for Norwegian streaming company WiMP, roughly speaking from the birth of rock'n'roll - strolling through this and that on the way - and on to brand new and young bands like The Strypes, Parquet Courts and Disclosure. These songs are about school, being a teenager and all the little things that come along. You'll find energy and brashness in spades, but also insecurity annd despair. The songs are all performed by artists in their youth and/or deals with youth thematically. And naturally, they're all great. Enjoy!
The Who

The Strypes

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