søndag 11. august 2013

The Cure - The Lovecats

I just finished reading Roddy Doyle's new novel The Guts, in where we find his old hero Jimmy Rabbitte from the novel and film The Commitments older and possibly also a bit wiser. A fine novel, with a bit of truth towards the end where Jimmy and his friends find themselves at a rock festival, at one point watching The Cure perform their 1983 hit "The Lovecats". Personally I've always loved The Cure, "The Lovecats" being one of my favourites of theirs. Not so Jimmy Rabbitte, but he has a realization that goes like this: "Maybe it was just the weekend, but Jimmy had begun to notice how much he liked old songs that he'd always thought were shite. Decades of solid opinion were turning to mush." Even though I've always loved The Cure, Jimmy Rabbitte's little piece of wisdom rings true for me as well, applied to a lot of other stuff. Becoming older, we do seem to tolerate and even like (or love) a lot of stuff we didn't before. Anyways, here's "The Lovecats".

Watch and listen


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