fredag 5. oktober 2012

John Barry Orchestra - James Bond Theme

On this day 50 years ago exactly the first James Bond film based on Ian Fleming's spy novels was released. Dr. No featuring Sean Connery as the fearless MI6 agent still ranks as a hell of a spy film in my book, being the template for another 22 films to come (the last of these being Skyfall to hit cinemas in a few weeks), and establishing one of the greatest heroes of the silver screen ever. There has always been a certain anticipation as to who will perform the Bond movies' theme songs, but for the first film it was all instrumental. It's a matter of dispute as to who actually wrote the original "James Bond Theme", Monty Norman, or John Barry who would later write the score for 11 Bond films. What is beyond any doubt whatsoever is that it's the John Barry Orchestra that performs the theme, and it sounds as fantastic today as it did 50 years ago. Happy birthday, Mr. Bond!


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