torsdag 24. mai 2012

Paul Simon - Under African Skies

Next Friday sees the release of the remastered Graceland album by Paul Simon, in several formats or packages, of which the deluxe edition with a CD including bonus cuts and a DVD featuring the newly made documentary film Under African Skies, should be the choice for most people. Simon's 1986 album was groundbreaking in many ways, not least because it was deemed quite controversial at the time to break the cultural boycott of the Apartheid state that the country was back then. However, Simon was invited by black musicians in South Africa, and went there to record an album with local musicians that has since become a classic and in its own small way contributed to the dissolution of the Apartheid regime. Here's the absolutely wonderful song "Under African Skies" and a trailer for the documentary.

"Under African Skies" - the song

Under African Skies - documentary trailer

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