onsdag 23. mai 2012

Amerika - Big City Boy

Amerika, not to be confused with America of "Horse With No Name" fame, was a Norwegian duo consisting of Bernt Thomas Bortne and Kristian Larsen. What the hell went wrong here? Why didn't "Big City Boy" or any of their other exciting pop songs become hits? Why didn't the press favour them with rave reviews? Why were they not played on radio? These are valid questions, which you'll understand when listening to "Big City Boy", released in 2005 and featured on their sole album, The Good Luck. A cross between ELO and Phoenix and simply a brilliant pop song, I'll cherish it forever. Where are they now? I have no idea, but what I do know is that they should be making pop music - and the guy jumping around in the music video will surely agree with me.

Watch and listen

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