søndag 20. mai 2012

deLillos - Trist å være glad

deLillos is one of Norway's most famous pop bands, musically steeped in a classic guitar-oriented rock or pop tradition, with Neil Young and The Beatles as two primary influences. However, they do sing in Norwegian, and singer Lars Lillo-Stenberg's quirky lyrics and characteristic voice is one of the secret weapons that make this band unique. The same can be said about their twelfth album Trist å være glad (Sad to be happy) that was first performed live and pressed as CD's on the spot for the audience to bring home as a unique souvenir in December 2010. Luckily for all of us that did not attend the shows, they recorded the songs in a studio some months later, and it wasn't just any studio but the famed Abbey Road Studios in London. Here's the video for the title track, preceded by some scenes outside the studio and some chit-chat with the engineers. The actual song starts at about 2:30.

Watch and listen

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