onsdag 27. april 2011

OH NO! Peter Hook revisits Closer. The horror... the horror...

It's only a few weeks ago that I heard former Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook do his utmost in trying to kill the classic Unknown Pleasures album at a gig in Oslo. It's probably the worst concert I've ever been to. Now it's revealed that he will also revisit Closer, Joy Division's 1980 follow-up album to Unknown Pleasures. At present he has only planned two shows, charity shows at that, but still - this is not good news. With his band The Light he will continue touring Pleasures for a while yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will eventually tour Closer as well.

As if this is not enough, he will release a brand new EP featuring the unrecorded Joy Division song "Pictures In My Mind", singing it himself, in addition to new versions of "Atmosphere", "Insight" and "New Dawn Fades" featuring former Happy Mondays singer Rowetta on lead vocals. Strange, but not necessarily as bad as if Hook did vocal duties himself.

Didn't read about the Unknown Pleasures show? Go here to read about the man who murdered Unknown Pleasures.

Manchester Helps Japan… and Peter Hook releases a new EP and plays Joy Division’s Closer live.

Then go here to read a short interview with "Hooky" at the Mojo website.

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