tirsdag 19. april 2011

New Madrugada reissue due in May

The Nightly Disease, Norwegian rock act Madrugada's second album (2001), is due for a deluxe reissue release on May 13th, similar to the reissue of debut album Industrial Silence last year. The reissue is once again a double disc, where CD1 comprises the original 12 track album with three bonus cuts, and CD2 consists of outtakes, demos and EP tracks. As if this is not enough, there will also be released vinyl editions of both The Nightly Disease and Industrial Silence, on the same day.

Here's the tracklist for The Nightly Disease deluxe edition:

CD1: The Nightly Disease
1.Black Mambo
2.Step Into This Room And Dance For Me
3.Nightly Disease Part II
4.Lucy One
5.Hands Up - I Love You
6.A Deadend Mind
7.The Frontman
8.We Are Go
9.Into Heartbeats
11.Two Black Bones
12.Only When You're Gone
13.Nightly Disease Part I
14.Big Sleep
15.Run Away With Me

CD2: previously unreleased album outtakes, demos + EP tracks
1.City Blues
2.Lost Gospel
5.Ready To Carry You
6.View From A Hilltop
7.Fast Blues For Little V.
8.4-Track Country Songs Part I
9.4-Track Country Songs Part II
10.I'm Sorry
12.Come On Home To Me (feat. Neil McNasty)
13.Local Norma Jean
14.Stop The Beats
15.Nightclub (Hands Up - I Love You)
16.If I only had my guitar
17.Lord, why have you left me?
18.Departure #6
19.Lift Me (Demo)

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