fredag 4. april 2014

Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance

It's a grand day, and here's why: It's Friday, spring is upon us, the sun is shining, Todd Terje's debut album It's Album Time is out (well, technically not until Monday but you can stream it here), and when I arrived at work this morning I got the news that Bryan Ferry will be attending Øyafestivalen in August. Here he'll share the stage with Todd Terje to perform their beautiful version of Robert Palmer's "Johnny & Mary" and possibly some other songs as well after Ferry has delivered a show that will include songs from throughout his career, including Roxy Music numbers. This will quite certainly be one for the history books, folks! To celebrate, here's one of my favourite Ferry songs, the timeless "Don't Stop The Dance" from his 1985 album Boys And Girls.

Watch and listen


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