søndag 29. desember 2013

Sonic Youth - Tunic (Song For Karen)

The Karen referred to in "Tunic (Song For Karen)" is Karen Carpenter, and the song is a tribute to her sad fate, dying as she did from heart failure related to her eating disorder and troubled place in the spotlight beside her brother Richard in the highly successful pop duo The Carpenters. In many ways Sonic Youth can be regarded as the exact opposite of The Carpenters, but the melodic qualities of this song off 1990's album Goo is undeniable. The lyrics are wonderful, picturing Karen in Heaven, and singer Kim Gordon tells of her newfound friends, Janis, Elvis and Dennis and how she plays the drums again and has a great time. This is six minutes plus of distorted beauty, that should be played loud. It's a stunning song.

Watch and listen


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