mandag 4. november 2013

The Honeydrippers - Rockin' At Midnight

The Honeydrippers was a hobby band (or you could possibly call it a supergroup) featuring people like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Chic's Nile Rodgers, yet another guitar ace in Jeff Beck, Paul Shaffer who went on to become the musical director for David Letterman and a few others. They only released one EP, or mini-LP as it was commonly known at the time, 1984's The Honeydrippers Volume One. Of its five songs, Roy Brown's "Rockin' At Midnight" (otherwise known as "Good Rocking Tonight" and recorded by Elvis Presley, Link Wray and many more) is my definitive favourite. It just... well, rocks, you know. It's a fantastic party tune, with horns aplenty, great guitar playing and gallons of joy.

Watch and listen


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