fredag 15. november 2013

Sam Smith x Nile Rodgers x Disclosure x Jimmy Napes - Together

What a dream team! Sam Smith is the wonderful singer on Naughty Boy's fabulous hit of this summer, "La La La", Nile Rodgers of Chic fame has of course been revitalised this year due to his appearence on the Daft Punk album, Disclosure is probably the most commercially successful club act in the world right now, and Jimmy Napes is also involved with Naughty Boy, Sam Smith and Disclosure as a writer and producer. These fabulous musicians/artists have gathered to make the song "Together", a two and a half minute funk jam that simply sounds fantastic. Think "Alphabet Street" era Prince and you're pretty close. My one question is, "Why isn't it longer?" - a shame!

Watch and listen


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