tirsdag 11. desember 2012

Smalltown Romeo feat. Shad K - Boom Ha

I had no idea who Smalltown Romeo was before stumbling upon the incredible 2010 single "Boom Ha" featuring a Canadian rapper called Shad K (born Shadrach Kabango). Here's what I learnt on Smalltown Romeo's Soundcloud page:

Smalltown Romeo is a funk mongrel. A dance music mutt. The bastard spawn of legendary Canadian party-rocking club owners Smalltown DJs and upstart disco dude – the young, gifted and brown – Wax Romeo. Finding common ground where sweaty club nights meet hippy forest raves, the threesome has joined forces to make and play fun, funk-focused dance tunes. House, disco, party jams – landing their sound somewhere between Giorgio Moroder and Mark Ronson. Hearts will be stolen. Asses will be shook. Other unmentionable things will happen.

Watch and listen

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