lørdag 15. desember 2012

Randy Travis - Look Heart, No Hands

Country singer Randy Travis made a mess and a fool of himself some months ago when arrested drunk and naked, apparently after crashing his car. Upon the arrest he is said to have threatened the officers' lives, and was subsequently bailed out of jail. His problems sadly continues, but let's not forget what an extraordinary singer he is. With the best and deepest voice this side of George Jones, Travis is one of my favourite country singers, touching all the right strings whenever he opens his mouth. "Look Heart, No Hands" is a song written by Trey Bruce and Russell Smith (formerly of the Amazing Rhythm Aces) that Travis recorded for his 1992 compilation Greatest Hits, Volulme 2. He completely inhabits the song and turns it into a heartfelt tribute to unrequited love. Great, great stuff!

Watch and listen

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