lørdag 22. desember 2012

Erik's musical advent calendar - December 22

Wham! - "Last Christmas"

It doesn't get much better than this. When Tracey Thorn, maker of this year's best new Christmas album Tinsel And Lights, set out to make it, she considered lots of songs, but one she didn't dare touch was Wham!'s 1984 classic "Last Christmas" as she found it perfect. And perfect it is. I have heard many versions of it, most of them meaningless, or as in the recent case of The xx trying to alter it a bit, plain awful. I think The xx is a wonderful group, but their take on "Last Christmas" is not a great one. The original though, has it all. The cheesy synth theme, George Michael's initial moaning, the soppy lyrics, loads of "christmassy" sound effects, of course a melody to die for, and last but not least, an accompanying music video featuring so many cliches wrapped into its four and a half minutes that you're left deeply impressed by how they could possbly fit all this into such a short film. I love everything about the song and the video, and if I hadn't been such a forgiving person I would say that The xx's version borders on sacrilege. But let's forget that one and play the original one more time. Enjoy!

Watch and listen

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