mandag 31. desember 2012

My perfect new year's party playlist 2012

It's time to say goodbye to 2012, and whether you've had a good or a bad year, it should be cause for celebration. I've compiled my perfect playlist for the occasion, featuring some of the songs that really set their marks on the year we wave bye-bye to, from ridiculous but fun "Gangnam Style" to quality hits such as "Locked Out Of Heaven" and the Norwegian smash "Æ vil bare dans". Inbetween are old party classics, and they're all bookended with ABBA's evergreen "Happy New Year" and U2's "New Year's Day", marking a new beginning. The list is to be found in the streaming service WiMP, so I hope you're a subscriber. If not, maybe the songs will inspire you to compile your own. I wish all of you a great evening and a happy 2013! Thank you!


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