søndag 5. februar 2012

Ricky Fanté - It Ain't Easy (On Your Own)

Who is Ricky Fanté and where did he go? The answer to the first question is easy: A hell of a good American soul singer whose voice and singing style have been likened to those of soul music's greatest such as Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. He released a fabulous album in 2004 called Rewind from where the single "It Ain't Easy (On Your Own)" is taken, and he sang the track "Shine" in the animated movie Robots in 2005. Since then it's been pretty quiet, and to answer the second question, according to Wikipedia he took a break from music going back to school where he received a B.A. in Education in 2009. After that, I have no clue as to what he's done, but what he should do is go back to singing. He's an incredible talent!

Watch and listen

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