fredag 27. mai 2011

Norway's best pop band The Margarets are calling it quits

Some very sad news today as The Margarets, one of Norway's best ever pop bands, are calling it a day. After four wonderful albums and some truly memorable songs they are no more. There are no dramatic reasons for the split, just a lot of different factors in play, one of which of course is the ever elusive success. They never really hit it big, although they were much loved by their fans. Still, three of their four albums charted big, but the last one, Look For Love, didn't chart at all. Guys, you will be missed! I may cry myself to sleep tonight. Really.

Read an article (in Norwegian) from Sunnmørsposten here.
Here are some of their songs to enjoy.

"Rubber Rubbish"

"Alain Delon"

"Sound Of Summer"

"She Caught The Last Bus Home"

"Come Around"

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