fredag 11. oktober 2013

Brand new Paddy McAloon radio interview

This blog may appear to be a vehicle for promoting all things Prefab Sprout these days, and it pretty much is. When Paddy McAloon has finally resurfaced after years of silence, it's a huge thing to me, one of the best songwriters ever to walk this earth being back with us. Crimson/Red, the album he released earlier this week, is a masterpiece, featuring ten (not so) new songs that are all (!) future Prefab Sprout classics, and, lo and behold, Paddy is actually promoting the album. Below you can hear a radio interview done with Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie on BBC Radio 6 Music yesterday. It's an entertaining 18 minutes where Radcliffe & Stuart get to ask Paddy about his many works in progress, getting anecdotes about Stevie Wonder, Muff Winwood and Billy Mackenzie, and really showing him as a pretty regular and ordinary man, no matter how reclusive and remote he supposedly has become. I'm not so sure about that. Enjoy the interview and have a laugh or two as I had.



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