fredag 19. juli 2013

Pet Shop Boys - Requiem In Denim And Leopardskin

Pet Shop Boys have, as many will know, just released their latest album Electric, a fabulous dance-pop record that combines the best of both worlds, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe's love for the dancefloor and irresistable pop melodies. For some mysterious reason, certain people slag off their previous album Elysium, possibly because it was only released ten months ago, thinking therefore that Lowe and Tennant was disappointed with it. I've seen no evidence anywhere to support that theory, quite the opposite, and Elysium really was a great record, if a bit more introverted than Electric. The closing track "Requiem In Denim And Leopardskin" is among the very best, a beautiful, melancholic pop ballad of the kind Pet Shop Boys are so very good at.



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