tirsdag 23. april 2013

Rain Tree Crow - Big Wheels In Shanty Town

When the British band Japan reformed to make a comeback album in 1989/90, it soon became a vehicle for another David Sylvian solo project, as opposed to a real band effort. Although most of the music was improvised in the studio, Sylvian took more and more control as they went along, insisting too that they should not use the name Japan, but instead opting for the mysterious-sounding Rain Tree Crow. But whatever the circumstances, the album was pretty good, and "Big Wheels In Shanty Town" is the funky seven minute, mostly instrumental song that opened it. The self-titled album was released in 1991, becoming the last album the four members David Sylvian, his brother Steve Jansen, Mick Karn (now deceased) and Richard Barbieri recorded together.


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