torsdag 27. november 2014

Stan Ridgway - Walkin' Home Alone

Q: What's the loneliest-sounding song in the entire history of the universe?
A: Stan Ridgway's "Walkin' Home Alone"

Stan Ridgway, formerly of Wall Of Voodoo, went solo in 1986 with the album The Big Heat, which is just as much a short story collection as it is an actual singer/songwriter record. There' a dynamic, not to say a dimension, to Ridgway's lyrics rarely found in popular music, with themes ranging from femme fatale getaway drivers wielding guns and lipstick to Marine ghosts saving the day during the Vietnam war - and there's "Walkin' Home Alone", quite possibly the saddest song ever about a guy trying to go it alone after his girlfriend or wife has left him. And Ridgway saves the saddest part until the end of the song singing, "So put another quarter in the jukebox, Pete, but don't play that one with the sad trombone, 'cause tonight, I'll be walkin' home alone". Heartbreaking, yet hauntingly beautiful.


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