lørdag 11. april 2015

Madonna, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots - Holiday (classroom instruments version)

Jimmy Fallon must be the coolest ever talkshow host, at least the most musically conscious and participating one. He regularly perfoms along with his guests and do songs of his own as well, and he's got the world's best house band in The Roots. A few nights ago Madonna visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and besides performing a song off her latest album, more interestingly she did an amazing take on her old 1983 hit "Holiday" on classroom instruments, a quirky idea that has been used with great success with One Direction and Meghan Trainor before her. And the thing is, as is the thing with the original too of course, this really makes you yearn for a holiday. A holiday with a lot of fun, that is. Party time!

Watch and listen

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