onsdag 18. februar 2015

Eriks Musical Diary at 200 000 - Todd Terje show in full

My blog just had its hit number 200 000, so thank you everyone who has been visiting Eriks Musical Diary for the last four years. This is not a blog for the masses evidently, I know of bloggers that get as many hits in an hour, this is rather a blog for my own enjoyment and for those with similar taste in music. After I quit my job as a professional music writer several years ago, I have kept listening to music, but of my own choosing and for my own enjoyment. In the close to four years with Eriks Musical Diary and the more than 3700 entries that have been, I have written about the "latest" pop music, timeless classics from the 1930's and upwards, compiled lists for different occasions, written a few essays and reviews, and generally had lots of fun doing it. To celebrate I'm posting Todd Terje's awesome closing show from last year's Øyafestivalen where a good time was had by all, myself included.

Watch and listen

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