fredag 6. februar 2015

David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium

Woohoo! It's another Fabulous Friday, and today we're opting for modern dance music. David Guetta and singer Sia's awesome 2011 track "Titanium" holds a special significance for me, reminding me as it does of a press trip to Ibiza two years ago. We were on a boat trip outside Sant Antoni de Portmany, home to the famous Café del Mar and other legendary Ibiza clubs, to see the coastline, and on the boat the music was blasting out of the speakers. When "Titanium" came on, things really took off, and the small group of Norwegian journalists I was part of, took to sudden dancing and screaming. Good times indeed. The girls on the picture below were conveniently present to pose as models, and they did a great job.

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Watch and listen

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