søndag 28. desember 2014

Kate Bush vs. Tracey Thorn - Under The Ivy

Tracey Thorn was guest editor of the BBCs Radio 4 Today programme yesterday and wanted to pay tribute to Kate Bush in some way. She chose to do a cover of the "Running Up That Hill" B-side "Under The Ivy", a song she deemed fit as it is, in her own words, "all about privacy and intimacy, hiding "away from the party", meeting someone in a safe and secret place" and thus reminds her of Kate Bush's approach to her public life. It's a beautiful little song that clicks in at just above two minutes, and below you can hear both versions, 29 years apart, both absolutely brilliant. To me it's impossible to choose one over the other, as they're by two of my all time favourite artists.

Kate Bush original

Tracey Thorn cover

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